Codepage 437 fonts for X Windows

What is CP437 (Codepage 437) ?

It's the default MS-DOS codepage. It's the codepage I grew up on. It's the character set engrained in my memory. It has all the right glyphs in all the right places. It has a full complement of drawing characters. It's doesn't suck like ISO-8859 sucks.

In short, CP437 has the best character set ever. A Real Man's character set. Either you use CP437 or you're with the terrorists. If you think of a full block when you think of 219, you're living the CP437 dream.


Here are three CP437 fonts (6x8, 8x8 and 8x12) in PCF and BDF format that you can use in X Windows to make xterm not look like ass:

fonts.tar.bz2 (21.3KB)


Unpack the fonts somewhere like ~/.fonts/ then add that directory to your X font path using:

xset +fp ~/.fonts

(You really only need the .PCF fonts, I threw the .BDF ones in just in case anyone wanted to edit them and, like me, didn't have pcftobdf handy. There's some other junk in there that you can use to convert fonts yourself.)

To make xterms look less bad and more like a DOS box, see my notes on configuring xterm.


ANSI artwork taken from EPiC Art Pack #5:

8x12: Looking like a DOS-box.

8x8: Square blocks.

6x8: Tiny.

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